Tanroy Engineering being a manufacturing engineering entity,Has a very wide range of career opportunities.Tanroy has a policy of employing qualified personnel and offer training in some areas like apprenticeship in the technical fields.

Production And Engineering

Since The organization is a manufacturing entity,this creates opportunities for the following professionals:

  • Mechanical Engineers.
  • Agricultural Engineers.
  • Mechanical Draughtsmanship.
  • Electrical Engineers.
  • These opportunities are in the planning and upper level of the production process.

Work Floor Level

Like in most Engineering entities,Tanroy has opportunities in the work-floor level for:

  • Boilermakers
  • Sheet-metal Workers
  • Welders,Fitter and Turners, Electricians, Painters and general workers.

Administration Level

Tanroy also has opportunities in in accounting, Human resources,Secretarial and clerical work.


Tanroy has been offering attachment facilities for students from Universities and Higher learning institutes like Poly-technical colleges doing various Degree and Diploma Programs.Tanroy also recruits and train apprentices in the Fabrication Engineering field.